My personal story about Luigi Pericle

Nice to meet you, my name is Andrea Biasca-Caroni and I’ve found the Luigi Pericle’s secret collection.

The episodes and anecdotes reported here below are related to the story of Luigi Pericle :

Pietro Beretta : I met Pietro casually during a visit on the Museo d’arte Moderna in Ascona, we began instantly friends and I showed him the paintings of Luigi Pericle.

In order to better understand this link you have to know that :

In the house of Stinnes Baron (beside Luigi Pericle, next door would I say …)

(here the connection with Thissen) next to Hotel Ascona, next to Luigi Pericle’s house (my father lived there too) was signed the Operation Sunrise. Actually during the Sunrise Operation was also involved the grandson of Stinnes who tall and blond, english, perfectly german speaking, managed as spy during the Sunrise Operation.

The cousin of Pietro Beretta was the translator during the secret meeting of Sunrise Operation with Allen Dulles.  

Allen Dulles financed with U.S.A. government the Nazi Party  (Come finanziere Dulles lavorò a New York per Sullivan & Cromwell,[5] una compagnia d’investimento mobiliare di Wall Street, come socio gerente, dove progettò con successo il più grande prestito del Ministero del Tesoro (30 milioni di dollari) al governo tedesco nazionalsocialista, così come altri prestiti stranieri e divenne l’uomo di punta del Dipartimento di Stato sui prestiti stranieri durante il 1926-1933.)

Operazione Sunrise

Allen Dulles fu uno degli attori principali nelle trattative avviate da Max Waibel (Operazione Sunrise) (Alba) con Eugen Dollmann[9] e alla capitolazione delle truppe tedesche in una sezione del nord Italia.[10] L’accordo fu firmato con Generale Wolff del SS.

Pietro Beretta was the president of the young chamber of commerce financing the expo of Harald Szemaan on the Monte Verità.

In this museum we can find the picture of Herbert Read who was lecturer at Eranos in Ascona from ’52 to ’64.

Ingeborg Lüscher (widow of Haral Szeman) was disciple of Luigi Pericle .

Pericle sold a picture to the Daugher of Alec Douglas Home, prime minister of England and 2. presidend of Bildeberg Group .

This is just a very small part of the connection we can find with Luigi Pericle … the story is just beginning …

This is the list of the collection where we can find Luigi Pericle’s paintings :

Paintings & drawings in Museums and private collections
Rudolf Staechelin collection, Basle

Burckhardt – Koechlin collection, Museum Basle

P. & M. Strauss – Meerwein collection, Arlesheim

Ch. Wasmer – Crossland collection, Basle

Blumenfeld – Roelli collection, Ascona

Dr. H. E. Kunheim collection, Porto Ronco

Prof. U. Buff collection, Zurich

Mr. & Mrs. Rudolf Baumgartner, Zurich

H. & N. Kindler collection, Munich, Zurich, Brissago

Sir S. Summers collection, Thenford House, Oxf. sh.

M. Summers collection, London

Lady Tate collection, London

R. Braunschweig – Dreifuss collection, Berne

Sir Basil de Ferranti collection, ICT House, London


City Art Gallery, Bristol


City of York Art Gallery

S. B. Lunt collection, New York

A. V. Manicardi collection, Modena

Herrn & Frau Dr. G. Bichsel, Interlaken

Herrn & Frau Dr. F. P. Zwicky, Basle

A. C. F. Turner collection, London

J. Metcalf collection, London

Mr. M. Hornby, London

Mr. P. Hyde – Thompson, London

Th. Lumley collection,

Lewes J. B. Whiteside collection, New York

Bennett Korn collection, New York

R. S. Wilkins collection, London

R. W. Gossage collection, London

Alan Macintosh collection, London

Miss E. Durlacher, London

Mrs. J. Pinkney collection, London

Lady Dunsany collection

Prof Manton, Leeds University

Mr. & Mrs. D. C. King, British Embassy Beirut

Herrn & Frau F. Kroeger, Konigstem, Germany

M. & Mme. J. Greilsamer, Paris

Mr. & Mrs. R. Brockbank, Thursley, G.B.

Mrs. Nigel Campbell, London

Mr. J. Greenwood, London

Mrs. Stanley Tippets, London

Frl. G. Men, Berne

Mr. Ben Colman, G.B.

Miss L. Riley, G.B.

Mr. R. Sewell, G B.

Richard Craig collection, G.B.

Mr. T. Samsbury, G.B.

Mr. Ch. Berens, London

Mr. Th. W. Borges, London

Mr. H. Seligman, Wycombe, G.B.

Mr. C. Collins, Oxford

Mr. G. Freeman, London

Mr. H. K. B. Lund, Bath