The fact that Luigi Pericle after the very good selling in 1964/5 ( here certified) decided to stop all the expositions and sellings brought to a very low quotations you find today in internet (especially in

The market of Luigi Pericle after 1970 was inexistent.  In 2017 my wife and I bought his house and all the painting were stocked there. The house war empy and unhabited from the death of the artist having no heirs (his wife died 4 years before). The lawer who managed the operation was not alloud to sell any picture and the house went to a public auction. We could by the house with all his content including the painting of Luigi Pericle.  That’s why today is possible to buy these works adored by Sir Herbert Read and the Tooth Gallery of London in the 60′.

I will start to sell to a restricted lucky collectors 5 pictures in order to restart the market.  Visiting important galleries in Paris I had considerable quotations from 50’000 to 80’000 € but considering the huge commission requested and the enourmous taxes outside Switzerland I prefer to sell personally the paintings here in Ascona, in the house of the Master Luigi Pericle and share personally with high level estimators the profit of the marketing of this remarquable piece of history, back to the market today.

The second part of the selling will succed to sensitive higher prices resulting to restaurating the prices indicated by Luigi Pericle in this original letter :


Here you can check the original credit letters from the Tooth Gallery in London :


The prices from 1965 in £  can be easily transformed in CHF of  2017

The total exchange and inflation summed rates is *43.2

 200 £ in 1965 were 2400 CHF (rate is *12) 

 ( )

2400 CHF from 1965 are today : 8600 CHF (rate is 3.6)

 ( )


£ in 1965   Chf      today
200 8’640
225 9’720
250 10’800
275 11’880
300 12’960

 Consider the remarquable history and tremendous artistic importance of such works, the stocking and conservation for 50 years and you come easily to a price of 80’000.

Feel free to contact me for a visit to the house and paintings

Andrea Biasca-Caroni

079 621 23 43


Biasca-Caroni’s collection